Funding Opportunities under Mental Health & Emotional Well-being Initiative

March 3, 2023

The Paso del Norte Health Foundation seeks Letters of Intent (LOI) from eligible organizations under the Health Foundation’s Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being priority areas.

Behavioral Health Consortium Programs that address mental health and substance use system gaps by increasing coordination among regional behavioral health consortia stakeholders as informed by data. The Health Foundation will not consider proposed programs already covered by other resources to include government funding or by health coverage reimbursement.

Think.Change Initiative Programs that reduce stigma and negative bias associated with mental health and substance use conditions. LOI must include one of the following interest areas:

  • Implementation of evidence-based training to reduce mental health and substance use related stigma and bias among people (i.e., teachers, landlords, service industry workers) who have frequent contact with individuals with a mental health condition and are less likely to receive on-the-job training.
  • Implementation of evidence-based education for individuals and families with lived experience. Programs may address emotional well-being, mental illness and substance use conditions, symptoms, management, and treatment options.
  • Implementation of evidence-based navigator training for individuals willing to serve as peer support, system navigators, or volunteer presenters, including people with lived experience.

The Health Foundation uses the LOI process to welcome various proposals from diverse applicants. After review, the Health Foundation will invite selected applicants to submit a full proposal.

Click Here for grant guidelines including what PdNHF does not fund.

Deadlines to submit Letter of Intent is Thursday, April 6, 2023.

  • Invitations for full proposals will be announced by May 18, 2023.
  • Invited applicants may be required to meet with the Program Officer before submitting a full proposal.
  • Full proposals are due by June 22,2023.
  • Projected funding cycle start date is November 1, 2023, but other dates may be proposed.

Click Here to access instructions on how to submit an LOI and access the online application.

PDNHF Priority Area: Disease Prevention & Management

To support diabetes and mental health & emotional well-being.

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Disease Prevention & Management

PDNHF Initiative: Mental Health & Emotional Well-Being

Develop, lead, and invest in partnerships, organizations, programs, and communications to promote emotional well-being, reduce stigma and negative bias, and improve access, ease of navigation, and continuity of care for mental and behavioral health services.

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Mental Health & Emotional Well-Being

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