Mobile Crisis Response Team in Otero County recognized by the State of New Mexico

February 21, 2023

Congratulations to the Mobile Crisis Response Team (MCRT) in Otero County on being recognized as a model for the state of New Mexico in mental health and substance use systems and response to crisis. With funding from the Health Foundation, the MCRT has become an essential component of the Alamogordo Police Department in reducing unnecessary criminal justice system involvement among people with a mental illness or substance use disorder. This support has also allowed the City of Alamogordo to show the benefits of the MCRT and leverage resources to sustain the program.

In 2022, the MCRT reported 4,422 calls and transported 139 individuals experiencing suicidal ideations to a high level of care. The MCRT made 544 referrals to wrap around services that prevent justice system involvement and promote positive health outcomes. Only 8 calls required in an escalated law enforcement response. The MCRT is comprised of a clinical director (an independent licensed social worker), a certified Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) - Alamogordo Police Officer, and Peer Support Specialist. More than 300 first responders have been trained in CIT.

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