Strategic Plans guide Health Foundation grantmaking and partnerships

January 23, 2023

The dynamics of our every-changing region requires us to ensure that the work we do evolves to meet the needs of our communities. This involves feedback from community leaders and stakeholders, along with a review of demographic and social determinants of health data, benchmarks, and trends that effect our region.

As a result, the Paso del Norte Health Foundation updated comprehensive strategic plans for several initiatives and programs within our three priority areas: Healthy Living, Disease Prevention & Management, and Health Leadership.

Strategic Plan Briefs were then developed to summarize the data and strategy from the comprehensive strategic plans. We invite you to review the briefs by clicking on the links below.

Healthy Living Priority Area

Disease Prevention & Management Priority Area

Health Leadership Priority Area

For more information, contact Dr. Michael Kelly, Vice President for Programs, for the Paso del Norte Health Foundation at

PDNHF Priority Area: Healthy Living

To support efforts that promote positive behaviors to prevent disease including healthy eating, physical activity, smoking/vaping prevention, and positive opportunities for youth.

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Healthy Living

PDNHF Priority Area: Disease Prevention & Management

To support diabetes and mental health & emotional well-being.

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Disease Prevention & Management

PDNHF Priority Area: Health Leadership

To support leadership development for executives, boards of directors, and nonprofit organizations. Leverage resources through partnerships, invest in strategic initiatives and catalytic projects, and respond to immediate needs for the benefit of the region’s health.

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Health Leadership

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