First Binational Mental Health Conference offered positive change for the region

March 29, 2023

Recently, individuals throughout the border region participated in a two-day binational conference in Ciudad Juárez and El Paso, Texas aimed at sharing the most recent research on best practices in health promotion and treatment of mental illness and substance use. In-depth discussions took place related to improving access to services and reducing the stigma associated with mental disorders to achieve positive change in mental health workers and the region. The Paso del Norte Health Foundation and U.S.-Mexico Border Health Commission, along with more than 40 academic, governmental, and civic organizations in Cd. Juárez, El Paso, TX and Las Cruces, NM collaborated to put this event together as part of the Regional Behavioral Health Consortium. The Consortium is committed to ongoing collaboration where all partners are welcome, empowered, and unified to achieve the ideal behavioral health service, and support system. To learn more about the Behavioral Health Consortium, click here.

PDNHF Priority Area: Disease Prevention & Management

To support diabetes and mental health & emotional well-being.

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Disease Prevention & Management

PDNHF Initiative: Mental Health & Emotional Well-Being

Develop, lead, and invest in partnerships, organizations, programs, and communications to promote emotional well-being, reduce stigma and negative bias, and improve access, ease of navigation, and continuity of care for mental and behavioral health services.

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Foundation Staff: Sandra Day

Mental Health & Emotional Well-Being

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