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Regional Behavioral Health Consortia

Assessments of the Behavioral Healthcare Systems in the region showed the need for increased communication, coordination, and collaboration among providers of behavioral health services. The Health Foundation and regional leaders took some important steps to coordinate cross-agency collaboration and integration of behavioral health services into the primary care setting. These new collaborative structures are making a difference for better patient navigation and continuity of care so that people can access services and support where and when they are needed. Within the bounds of its mission and charter, the Health Foundation will serve as a neutral facilitator to foster and maintain these collaborative structures and explore ways to catalyze or strengthen Consortia informed interventions.

Strategic Plan

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Healthy Paso del Norte - El Paso
Healthy Paso del Norte - Doña Ana County (Southern New Mexico)
ROTMENAS - Ciudad Juárez

Awarded Grants

Project Title Organization Grant Amount
The Paso del Norte Center at The Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute for texas $1,500,000.00
Fortalecimiento de la Atención en Salud Mental y Reducción del Estigma Asociado a estas Enfermedades en Cd. Juárez. Proyecto ROTMENAS 2022. Comision de Salud Fronteriza Mexico-Estados Unidos $198,595.90
Local Collaborative 3 Families and Youth, Inc $180,835.80
Improving Systems to Improve Care: Building a Culture of CIT in Alamogordo City of Alamogordo $151,731.00
Improving systems to improve care: Building a culture of CIT in Alamogordo City of Alamogordo $296,556.90

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Diabetes and Foot Care

July 18, 2022

Foot and lower limb complications can be common in people with diabetes. Due to nerve damage and poor blood circulation in the legs and feet, individuals may not feel a foot injury or wound. If left untreated, an infection can occur and make it more difficult to heal.

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