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June 20, 2022

As a nonprofit board member, you have the opportunity to make an impact in the community. The Paso del Norte Health Foundation in partnership with the United Way of El Paso County is ensuring the success of nonprofit organizations in our region by offering REALIZE Board Training.

Whether you currently serve or hope to do so in the future, REALIZE Board has a variety of workshops, and training available to ensure nonprofit boards of directors are prepared to undertake their critical responsibilities of serving on a nonprofit board.

Select from a variety of trainings:

REALIZE x Young Leaders Society (YLS) Cohort
Training for YLS members is designed to increase the involvement of young professionals on nonprofit governing boards. YLS is United Way’s donor network for young professionals developing the next generation of philanthropic and civic leaders.

Congratulations to the Spring Cohort of United Way Young Leaders Society members on their recent graduation from the REALIZE Board training program.

  • Eric Bauer, ScottHulse PC
  • Isela Denton, WestStar
  • Desiree Duarte, ScottHulse PC
  • Itzel Figueroa, El Paso Electric
  • Stephanie Hernandez, Jofaro LLC
  • Serjik Leon, & Serjirism
  • Jose Melendez, Vantage Bank Texas
  • Alejandra Montalvo, El Paso Electric
  • Jennifer Navar, Las Palmas Medical Center
  • Tomas Porras-Acosta, ScottHulse PC
  • Alexis Rossi, DaVinci Education, Inc./SandersWingo
  • Mariana Sierra, United Way of El Paso County
  • Daisy Tellez, El Paso. Electric

To learn more, contact United Way of El Paso County’s Donor Relations Manager, Mariana Sierra at

Lunch & Learn Series
This series features a foundational set of courses that build upon each other throughout the year during the lunch hour. The fee per course is $20, which includes access to all course materials and the one-hour-long modules within each course. There are two modules in courses 1-3 and three modules in course four. The modules are held every other Tuesday of the month and provide specialized education in nonprofit board governance, board roles and responsibilities, fundraising, and fiscal oversight.

Individual Organization Training
Receive personalized nonprofit board training led by local BoardSource certified trainers based on your organization’s needs. Requirements for eligibility include:

  1. Trainings are offered per course. Each course is two hours, with the exception of Course 4 on Financials, which is three hours.
  2. A minimum of 10 people at each training session.
  3. The cost per course is $20/person. Scholarships are available to those who qualify. For more information, contact us at

Find a training that fits your needs. Visit, for more information.

PDNHF Initiative: REALIZE Board Training

The Paso del Norte Health Foundation, in partnership with the United Way of El Paso County, is ensuring the success of nonprofit organizations that serve the region’s communities. Through workshops, training and summits, the REALIZE Board Training is assuring all nonprofit boards of directors are prepared to undertake their critical responsibilities. 

Through the help of thoughtful consultants and best-practices, the REALIZE Board Training Program was designed to help good board members become even better for the benefit of non-profits and region’s health. Seven lessons ranging from Board Basics and Understanding Financial Statements are provided by Board Source certified trainers and delivered through a series of brief lunch-and-learn style sessions. The lessons are also available for board retreats or integration into a board meeting.

Individuals who participate in the training program will learn to: 

  • Acquire skills, behaviors, and competencies necessary to positively impact the population  
  • Manage board meetings (agendas, board minutes and more)
  • Facilitate board dialogue 
  • Build a strong and healthy relationship with CEOs 
  • Understand legal and ethical roles for boards 

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Foundation Staff: Michael Kelly

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