Town of Anthony, Texas adopts a smoke-free ordinance

October 25, 2017

Recently, Mayor Martin Lerma, Alderman Shawn Weeks and the Anthony Council unanimously approved an ordinance that will prohibit the smoking of both commercial and electronic cigarettes in restaurants, bars, parks, and playgrounds.

The Public and Workplace Smoking Restrictions ordinance prohibits smoking in all enclosed properties, open spaces within or between enclosed facilities, outside areas within 20 feet of a doorway, and all properties owned or leased by the Town of Anthony, Texas. It also offers protection to youth and families that utilize the city’s parks, baseball fields, and skate park.

In 2015, the Clean Air Coalition and Paso del Norte Tobacco Control Network members conducted a survey during school registration week for the Anthony Independent School District. The survey of over 250 residents showed that over 90% support a policy protecting youth and families from secondhand smoke in parks and playgrounds. The results of the survey were presented to the Council in January 2017. The ordinance was introduced in September and the Council took immediate action to ensure its passage.

The Town of Anthony and the City of El Paso Department of Public Health will work together to educate the community and enforce the new ordinance. A Smoke Free Paso del Norte, an Initiative of the Paso del Norte Health Foundation will provide technical assistance as needed to the Town of Anthony.

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