PdNHF staff serving our community

January 17, 2019

Tracy Yellen, CEO of the Paso del Norte Community Foundation, was recently appointed to the Board of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas - El Paso Branch.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas (Dallas Fed) is committed to building a vibrant economy. This is achieved through fair and informed access to financial markets for all consumers. The Dallas Fed works to understand the particular needs of underserved populations by engaging community leaders on effective community development policies and strategies related to education, health and affordable housing. With growing evidence that the root causes of poor health and poverty are the same, the Dallas Fed, through its Healthy Communities Initiative, brings together stakeholders to discuss practices that promote economic mobility, reduce health inequalities, and create healthier communities for all.

Ms. Yellen will serve an initial three-year term and provide insight into issues and challenges that limit opportunity for individuals and communities in the region, and insight into the status of philanthropy/non-profit based organizations.

Dr. Michael Kelly, Vice President of Programs for the Paso del Norte Health Foundation, was selected to the Texas School Health Advisory Committee (TSHAC). TSHAC provides assistance in establishing a leadership role for the Department of State Health Services in the support for and delivery of coordinated school health programs and school health services.

Dr. Kelly, will serve three years as a member representing an organization and/or agency involved with the health of school children in Texas.

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