Some simple strategies to help you eat healthy during the holidays

December 10, 2018

The holidays are here and, for most people, that means eating many of your favorite foods in larger quantities. This year, try these party tricks, tasty treats and simple strategies to help you eat healthy, stay active and still indulge in the holidays.

Enjoy in moderation.
Grandma’s fudge is a family tradition, and your coworker’s cookies are calling you from the breakroom. Indulging a little won’t hurt. Enjoy holiday treats in smaller portions, make healthy substitutions where you can, and plan ahead for merry meals that are healthy, too.

Include lots of seasonal, colorful fruits and vegetables.
Do you decorate for the holidays with a lot of color? Treat your plate the same way. Fruits and vegetables will add flavor, color and nutrients to holiday favorites. And they help you feel fuller longer so you can avoid the temptation to overeat.

Slash unwanted calories with easy swaps and substitutions.
Learn where excess calories, sodium, saturated fat and added sugars are hiding in traditional holiday foods and beverages, and some easy swaps to avoid them. From the obligatory workplace parties to family get-togethers, your calendar may be bursting with opportunities to eat and drink outside of your regular routine. Make a plan that will help you resist plowing through the buffet table, like having a healthy snack beforehand.

Sprinkle in opportunities to be active.
Keep the inevitable indulgences in check by staying active. Enjoy some winter sports for a change of pace, or schedule in a quick walk or workout before you head to the next party.

For more Healthy Holiday strategies and recipes from the American Heart Association – Holiday Healthy Eating, click here.

Source: American Heart Association – Healthy For Good

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