Q & A with Myrna Deckert on her life after PdNHF

August 19, 2015

Myrna J. Deckert announced her retirement as CEO of the Paso del Norte Health Foundation. Now she’s looking forward to years of golf, travel and being with her children and grandchildren.

That is, once a replacement is named, which should be later this year.

Our boss has been at the helm of the Health Foundation for eight years, and she’s had a lasting impact on the border for more than 45 years as both a leader and innovator at the YWCA, the Paso del Norte Group and the PdNHF.

Under her leadership, the Health Foundation has grown the number of program initiatives it supports to include a focus on promoting healthy eating and active living, mental and emotional well being, youth after-school programs, healthy sexuality and relationships, and reducing teen binge drinking.

She also was instrumental in launching a leadership-training program called REALIZE, which helps support a new generation of non-profit leaders in the Paso del Norte region. She was visionary in working to establish the Paso del Norte Foundation in 2013 as a charitable organization to support programming efforts at the Health Foundation.

Upon her announcement, made July 24, we got curious about other parts of her life and she was good-natured enough to indulge us.

Q: When you were at the top of your golf game, what was your handicap? A: 100

Q: What is your handicap today as you freshen up your game? A: I haven’t played enough in two years to have one, but I’m sure it is more than 200!

Q: If you could wave a magic wand, which golf course would play that you haven’t played? A: Augusta National Golf Club, if they will let OLD women play!

Q: Where have you and Ray not traveled to that you either plan to or would like to travel to in your retirement years? A: Israel, train across Canada, the Panama Canal and anywhere cheap!

Q: Can you recommend a restaurant in Baton Rouge? A: McDonalds (Parrains Seafood Restaurant)

Q: What do you see in El Paso’s future? A: In 10-15 years, El Paso and Juarez will be known as the most economically viable and fun border cities in the world!!! This is due to all the young leaders that are investing and taking leadership roles in both cities. PdNHF will have more than $300 million in assets and will continue to lead many important health initiatives and collaborations in the region.

There you have it, from an El Paso original who we all will miss greatly.

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