Programs that helped the environment and health clinics

February 24, 2015

The health impact that 20 years have made in the region, is represented by many of the programs and initiatives that were developed and supported by the Paso del Norte Health Foundation to promote health and prevent disease in the region.

Below are two programs that were developed in 1997 to improve the health of the region.

Addressing the need to improve the environment of residents, the Foundation was actively involved in helping find resources for water, wastewater and hygiene problems in selective communities.

When Water Works for Health $1.7 million for 2 years

This contribution was one of the largest ever made by a private foundation to an evironmental program in the region. The funding supported a school-based educational effort and a community-based outreach program that focused on the ongoing problems of drinking water and sanitation in selective communities.

To enhance the need to provide health education and health promotion services to patients in health care facilities in the region, the Foundation developed Clinic HELP (Health Education and Lifestyle Promotion).

Clinic HELP $3 million for 4 years

Clinic HELP helped build capacity within indigent health-care clinic for health promotion and disease prevention interventions. Priorities for Clinic HELP include health-enhancing behaviors, such as improved nutrition and exercise, risk reduction and management of chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure, and promotion of good hygiene.

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