Profile of El Paso Nonprofit Organizations

May 21, 2024

Taken together, nonprofits in El Paso make up the 7th largest employer and account for more than $6 billion in assets. Nonprofits are essential for addressing health, education, economic development, human services, and quality of life in our community. From small groups to national organizations, these entities fill gaps not otherwise addressed by for-profit organizations and government agencies.

To better understand El Paso’s nonprofit community, the Paso del Norte Health Foundation and the Paso del Norte Community Foundation collaborated to develop a profile of nonprofit organizations serving the community and the core elements that contribute to the sector’s resilience, strength and challenges.

The profile report shares findings related to nonprofits, including asset size, revenue, staff hiring and retention, technology, fundraising needs, strategic planning, and board development.

To learn more about the nonprofit sector from the El Paso Nonprofit Profile, click here.

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