Playa Drail Trail Construction Update

March 19, 2018

Construction of the 3.4-mile Playa Drain Trail from Ascarate Park to Riverside High School continues to move on schedule. Below are new photos of construction looking east from Ascarate Park and between Little Flower Rd. and Sparrow Dr.

The trail is a partnership of the Paso del Norte Health Foundation (Health Foundation), City of El Paso and El Paso Water. The Health Foundation is contributing $2.5 million for the design and construction of the trail from Ascarate Park to Riverside High School. The City of El Paso is contributing $300,000 from the Quality of Life Bond for trail amenities like benches and shade structures, as well as lighting for the project. The City’s Parks and Recreation Department will maintain the trail once completed. El Paso Water purchased the Playa Drain for storm water management and is allowing for its public use as a trail.

Upon completion of the trail (end of August 2018), individuals will have the opportunity to use the trail for recreation and physical activity (walking/biking) and as an alternative to driving for near-by residents.

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