Paso del Norte Trail Update

August 10, 2018

A movement is taking place to provide recreational options and promote a healthy, active lifestyle in El Paso.

Paso del Norte Trail

The Paso del Norte Health Foundation engaged Sites Southwest and Alta Design last year to help develop a master plan for a proposed 60-mile county-wide Paso del Norte Trail. The overall goal of the trails is to connect neighborhoods, provide new recreation options and promote a healthy, active lifestyle for residents and visitors. Numerous public meetings were held to get input on the proposed alignment.

A copy of the recent public meeting presentation and trail maps are available at Next steps will be to ensure its implementation including funding for design and development.

Playa Drain Trail

The Playa Drain Trail is an 8.3-mile segment of the larger Paso del Norte Trail from Ascarate Park to Capistrano Park that has been led, funded and developed by multiple entities.

The Playa Drain Trail is on track to complete the 3.4-miles trail from Ascarate Park to Riverside Park by mid-September of this year. Most of the trail surface is complete and amenities such as plants, trees, benches, shade structures, sunscreen dispensers, bicycle racks, water fountains, little libraries and public art will be installed soon. The Health Foundation is contributing $2.5 million for the design and construction of this segment; the City of El Paso is contributing $300,000 from the Quality of Life Bond for trail amenities.

The City of El Paso, with support from the Metropolitan Planning Organization and Community Development Block Grant program, has further completed the segments of the trail along Independence Drive and from Ysleta High School to Capistrano Park.

Andeavor recently awarded a $50,000 grant to the Paso del Norte Foundation to help with the design of the final 1.9-mile segment of the Playa Drain Trail from Riverside High School to Ysleta High School. Public meetings will be held later this year to complete the final phase of the trail.

The City’s Parks and Recreation Department will maintain the entire 8.3-mile Playa Drain Trail. El Paso Water purchased the Playa Drain for storm water management and is allowing for its public use as a trail.

Several people have asked how they can contribute to support the development of the Playa Drain Trail or Paso del Norte Trail. Donations of all sizes are welcome! To contribute or learn more, contact Anna Aleman at 915-218-2642.

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