Paso del Norte Behavioral Health Directory

November 6, 2019

The Paso del Norte Behavioral Health Directory is a comprehensive, regional, and interactive on-line directory developed by UTEP’s Empower Change Center to connect users to available mental and behavioral health services. Each resource listed on the Directory includes general information like name, address, and telephone number along with other key information like payment options accepted, diagnoses treated, and therapy provided, languages providers speaks, and in some cases, a point of contact. Also, the Directory includes whether or not the provider offers transportation assistance. Thanks to our partners at Sun Metro the Directory includes a live map that shows transportation routes to and from the resource.

The Directory presents an exciting opportunity to improve the facilitation of access to behavioral health care by providing meaningful information for resources in the Paso del Norte region. For the first time, the region has an on-line directory that considers the reality of living in a geographically isolated area where cross-border mobility is a daily affair, and the need for accessing behavioral health care information knows no border. At this time, professionals actively providing behavioral health referrals can help the people they serve to find a provider that meets their client’s needs and wants so that they access care. The best part of all is that the Directory is kept current with on-line surveys for all to provide feedback or suggest new information.

To access the Directory, please visit us at For more information, please contact Dr. Eden Hernandez Robles, Director, Empower Change, and developer and designer of the Paso del Norte Resource Directory at

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