Mental Health Learning Library available for family and caregivers

October 19, 2021

Support from friends and loved ones can make a huge difference when individuals are dealing with mental health problems. However, only 44% of adults with diagnosable mental health problems and less than 20% of children and adolescents receive timely, needed treatment. Helping friends, family, teachers, law enforcement officers and healthcare providers learn the facts about mental health contributes to a community culture of support and inclusion. That’s why the Paso del Norte Health Foundation partnered with Emergence Health Network to create the Mental Health Learning Library (MHLL).

The MHLL provides free training courses in English or Spanish to improve understanding of mental health conditions, management, and most importantly, that recovery is possible. Available programs include Mental Health First Aid which increases knowledge to recognize signs and symptoms of mental health and substance use concerns, and how to seek out appropriate services. There are also more targeted trainings on suicide prevention, grief management, or stress reduction.

During COVID-19 stay at home restrictions, several training modules were reformatted for virtual learning. These modules were developed by licensed clinicians, who utilized validated studies in mental health and evidence-based or evidence informed practices. For example, the MHLL now hosts an Annual Education Forum including a series of Facebook Live Interactive Video Sessions. During these sessions, mental health experts present on valuable tools to enhance mental wellness. These informational seminars include topics such as “Success in the new normal,” a question-and-answer session with a substance use treatment doctor, gardening benefits for improved mental health, creative tools for your wellbeing, and kickstarting your physical and mental fitness.

As we come out of stay at home and other COVID-19 prevention restrictions, in person class options are returning. Available courses include:

  • Suicide Prevention (1-hour course)
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid (8-hour course)
  • Adult Mental Health First Aid (8-hour course)
  • Crisis Intervention Training (available for law enforcement personnel)
  • Self-Harm Prevention (Adult and Youth) (1-hour course)
  • Anxiety Management (Adult and Youth) (1-hour course)
  • Grief Coping Techniques (Adult and Youth) (1-hour course)

To schedule a training, contact Luis Chavarria at or call (915)235-6996.

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