Mental Health Learning Library

October 14, 2019

Nearly one out of every five members of the Paso del Norte community have a behavioral health disorder and of those nearly 25% are living with serious mental illnesses or substance abuse disorder. While these figures fall in line with other communities, factors such as high levels of individuals with little or no health insurance coverage pose unique challenges in the border region. The stigma associated with the treatment of mental health in the Hispanic and military cultures can also make it difficult for individuals to seek out treatment and learn how to manage their illness. Mental illness however is just like other medical conditions, the earlier the treatment begins the better the outcome for the person and their families.

Therefore, mental health education and awareness is key. Through the Emergence Health Network Mental Health Learning Library training courses, residents will understand what mental illness is and learn that managing the diagnosis and recovery is possible.

Whether it is a comprehensive Mental Health First Aid course or more targeted training on suicide prevention, grief management, or stress reduction, the Mental Health Learning Library provides knowledge to recognize signs and symptoms of behavioral health concerns and how to seek out appropriate services. All classes are available in English and Spanish.

Courses include:

  • Suicide Prevention (1-hour course)
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid (8-hour course)
  • Adult Mental Health First Aid (8-hour course)
  • Crisis Intervention Training (available for law enforcement personnel)
  • Self-Harm Prevention (Adult and Youth) (1-hour course)
  • Anxiety Management (Adult and Youth) (1-hour course)
  • Grief Coping Techniques (Adult and Youth) (1-hour course)

To schedule a training, contact Luis Chavarria at or call (915)235-6996.

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