Making a Healthy Difference for 25 years

September 20, 2020

On September 29, 2020, the Paso del Norte Health Foundation celebrates 25 years of promoting health and preventing disease in the region.

In 1995, the Health Foundation was founded with the proceeds from the sale of Providence Memorial Hospital to Tenet Healthcare Corporation. The groundbreaking transaction established a perpetual foundation dedicated to leading, leveraging and investing in initiatives, priorities and programs that promote health and prevent disease in our binational, tri-state region.

Since its inception, the Health Foundation has grown its initial $130 million in assets in 1995 to $249 million as of December 2019, while investing $198.6 million in grants and charitable programs working with more than 300 partner organizations. Investing in health education and disease prevention has paid dividends – from improved nutrition and physical activity to reduced smoking rates – which have contributed to lower incidence of disease and better quality of life for the residents of our region.

We extend our sincere thanks to the entire community for all that you have done to support and contribute to our mission over the last 25 years. We invite you to join us going forward to ensure that the residents of our region have the knowledge, resources, support and environment to lead happy, healthy, and productive lives.

To celebrate this legacy of health, we are honored to share our history, accomplishments and impact. Click on this link to learn more.

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