Juárez Giving Day - Supporting Nonprofit Organizations in the Juárez Community

October 24, 2022

Fundación Paso del Norte, our sister foundation in Ciudad Juárez, is launching the first Juárez Giving Day in partnership with HIPGive. This online charitable giving campaign will take place from November 8 - 30, to highlight the work of nonprofit organizations and ignite the spirit of giving in the Juárez community.

The Fundación Board has approved $15,000 in matching funds and incentives to help the participating agencies inspire more engagement and donations.

Organizations or agencies that work or implement projects in Ciudad Juárez with at least two-years of uninterrupted work are welcomed to join this campaign.

To register a nonprofit to participate or to donate during this campaign, please visit

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To support leadership development for executives, boards of directors, and nonprofit organizations. Leverage resources through partnerships, invest in strategic initiatives and catalytic projects, and respond to immediate needs for the benefit of the region’s health.

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