Health Foundation responds to migrant crisis

January 23, 2023

The Paso del Norte Health Foundation recently awarded two grants totaling $200,000 under the Health Leadership priority area for Community Resilience. The Health Foundation is committed to working with the community in times of crisis and other emergent health needs. The Health Foundation is further working with the Paso del Norte Community Foundation to facilitate contributions from the Migrant and Refugee Support Fund.

El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank - $100,000.00
To support efforts in providing food to migrants and local community.

Annunciation House - $100,000.00
To support efforts in working with nonprofit and church-based shelters to house migrants.

For more information, contact Ms. Audrey Garcia, Program Officer at or 915-218-2623.

PDNHF Priority Area: Disease Prevention & Management

To support diabetes and mental health & emotional well-being.

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Disease Prevention & Management

PDNHF Initiative: Strategic Initiatives

From time to time, the Paso del Norte Health Foundation will invest in community initiatives and transformative projects that promote health and prevent disease in the region. From the Texas Tech Foster School of Medicine and Hunt School of Dental Medicine to the PHIX Health Information Exchange (HIE) and UTEP School of Nursing and Pharm-D program, these investments support lasting change. Grants and programs designed to provide a crisis response, such as during the 2019 El Paso shooting and COVID-19, fit this area as well. Also, by funding the operations of both the PdN Community Foundation and the Fundacion Paso del Norte, the Health Foundation is committed to leveraging its grantmaking and other resources to maximize impact.

Strategic Initiatives

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