Health Foundation awards 10 grants under Diabetes Initiative

September 1, 2022

The Paso del Norte Health Foundation recently awarded 10 grants totaling more than $1 million under the Disease Prevention & Management priority area and Diabetes initiative. The Health Foundation works in partnership with organizations to implement initiatives and programs for diabetes prevention, early detection, and management in the region.

Centro Familiar para la Integracion y Crecimiento, A.C. - $41,472.00
Aprende a cuidar de ti
To provide a diabetes education pilot program to 80 people in Ciudad Juárez, MX.

El Paso Diabetes Association, Inc. - $209,774.40
Diabetes Education
To offer Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support plus two kids camps in El Paso, TX.

New Mexico State University Foundation, Inc. - $25,811.13
On the Road to Living Well with Diabetes – Otero
To offer the On the Road to Living Well with Diabetes program to 100 residents of Alamogordo, Chaparral, Tularosa, Dona Ana County, and other Southern New Mexico communities.

New Mexico State University Foundation, Inc. - $8,800.00
One-hour diabetes literacy presentations
To plan instructional media to support diabetes awareness across the Paso del Norte region.

Paso del Norte Health Information Exchange – PHIX - $225,750.00
Diabetes Prevention and Management: Data and Referrals
To increase utilization of a closed-loop referral system for diabetes related services and lead the diabetes data workgroups in El Paso, TX.

Project Vida Health Center - $49,720.00
Diabetes Prevention Program
To provide a Diabetes Prevention Program to 60 people in El Paso, TX.

Texas A&M University - $218,784.50
Project VyBE
To train 30 Community Health Workers as diabetes education coaches and have a minimum of 200 individuals complete diabetes education in El Paso County, TX.

Texas Tech Foundation, Inc. - $114,944.00
Diabetes and the Dentist: Early Diabetes Detection, Education and Referral
To develop and pilot test a diabetes screening and referral program at the Texas Tech Dental Clinic in El Paso, TX.

The University of Texas at El Paso - $125,147.00
UTEP BBRC Community Health Workers led diabetes intervention capacity building
To train 30 Community Health Workers to deliver the five-week intervention, “On the Road with Diabetes” to 300 participants in El Paso County, TX.

The University of Texas at El Paso - $33,790.00
Diabetes Prevention Education Program for Community Outreach
To develop a one-hour diabetes awareness program, prepare at least 20 public health students to deliver, the program, and offer the program at least 60 times to groups in El Paso, TX.

For more information, contact Dr. Michael Kelly, Vice President of Programs at or 915-218-2619.

PDNHF Initiative: Diabetes

To develop, lead, and fund organizational and systems improvements, evidence-based programs, and awareness activities for diabetes prevention, early detection and management. This philosophy of work in diabetes provides educators, advocates, and those who are at risk or living with diabetes so that together we can promote change.

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Diabetes Literature Review
Diabetes Assessment Report
Diabetes Assessment Qualitative Report

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Foundation Staff: Michael Kelly

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