Four individuals recognized for their work on Tobacco Control

December 10, 2018

Community advocates recently gathered for an appreciation luncheon hosted by A Smoke Free Paso del Norte to celebrate the year’s accomplishments on tobacco control in the region.
A Smoke Free Paso del Norte, an initiative of the Paso del Norte Health Foundation, works to engage partners across national and international borders to advocate for smoke-free ordinances and polices. This year’s luncheon honored four regional health leaders for their collective work in educating youth, implementing policy, innovating new evidence-based strategies and efforts to establish a smoke-free culture in the region. These individuals are the “Squad” of super heroes in tobacco control. The “Squad” – who included John Adams, Mary Morgan, Kristen Ortega and Rebecca Zima – were presented with the Chester L. Bryant Valor Award for their individual contributions within their health-related field to the implementation and support of tobacco free policies. The Chester L. Bryant Valor Award was created in 2014 to honor Chester Bryant, a strong champion of health and wellness who was involved in the first comprehensive clean air ordinance in Texas and adopted in El Paso. The award recognizes individuals or organizations for a significant contribution in reducing the negative impact of tobacco in the region. “It’s great to be among community advocates that are passionate about creating a smoke-free environment,” said Tracy J. Yellen, Paso del Norte Foundation CEO. “These advocates are working to make a difference for our children and future generations.” To learn more about A Smoke Free Paso del Norte or to get involved, click here or contact Enrique Mata at

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