Common misconceptions in physical activity

June 1, 2017

How many times have you heard people say “Physical activity sweats off fat” or “I’m too busy to exercise”?

These are a few misconceptions that are accepted as fact by people who are attempting to incorporate physical activity into their daily lifestyles.

Below is a list of four common myths, as well as clarifications, which are common misconceptions in physical activity.

Area reduction is possible: Area reduction basically means that a person loses body fat in a particular area (e.g., the stomach). Unfortunately, this is not true! Remember, it is your body and your metabolism that determine what body fat gets burned first and from where.

I do not have enough time to exercise: If you are using this as an excuse, start looking for another. The key to successful physical activity is to find time during the day. Try taking something as quick and simple as a ten minute walk a day.

If I sweat, I am burning fat: When we sweat, our body is getting rid of water and a tiny bit of salt – not fat. Remember, fat loss is a relatively slow process. Nevertheless, you are burning calories, which will add up to the shedding of some unwanted pounds.

If I lift weights, I will get bulky: Resistance or weight training will help you achieve a firm and toned body. Together with a sensible diet, you will burn calories to reduce body fat, while toning and building lean muscle.

Source: Shape Up America

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