Archive Initiative - Qué Sabrosa Vida

April 7, 2015

Qué Sabrosa Vida – $3 million for 7 years

The Qué Sabrosa Vida (QSV) program touched the lives of thousand of families by instructing them on how to easily incorporate basic nutrition and cooking skills into their daily lives, without having to greatly alter the traditional border diet. Through the many classes and activities that the program offered, diverse groups of individuals came together to learn and to teach one another how to make healthier choices about the foods they eat. Participants left the courses with specific nutritional ideas and a renewed sense of what their well-being entails.

The seven-year program was designed to change the way that area residents made choices about the food they eat by providing positive and realistic ways to make better selections. Information, strategies and tools were delivered through community-based education, a public awareness campaign, cooking demonstrations and materials, as well as a program to encourage physician referrals to Foundation-supported nutrition activities. A priority for the program was to develop a theme and multiple messages which satisfy nutrition guidelines, within the context of the local palette.

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