Archive Initiative - Ageless Health

June 29, 2015

Ageless Health - 2000-2007 Caring for the health of the 60 and over population

The value of a community and the structure of family life are in transformation due to the demographic shift in the increasing number of older people in our society. People over the age of 65 have more than doubled, and during the next 30 years, that number will double again.

Understanding the concerns of keeping the aging community healthy, the Paso del Norte Health Foundation created the Ageless Health Initiative. The initiative was designed to develop or expand volunteer-based projects to support the promotion of independent healthy living, effect attitudinal change about aging and prevent the isolation of persons 60 years and older in the Paso del Norte region. The program also focused on nutrition, exercise and physical activity; mental activity, social/emotional support and/or reduction of isolation; injury prevention; and caregiver support.

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