Andeavor provides support to plan for next segment of Playa Drain Trail

July 17, 2018

Planning for the next phase of the Playa Drain Trail from Riverside High School to Ysleta High School will now begin thanks to a generous $50,000 grant from Andeavor to the Paso del Norte Foundation.

The Playa Drain Trail is an 8.3-mile segment of the 60-mile Paso del Norte Trail. The Health Foundation partnered with El Paso Water and City of El Paso Parks and Recreation Department to construct 3.4-miles of the Trail from Ascarate Park to Riverside High School with $2.5 million of Health Foundation funds and $300,000 in Quality of Life Bond funds. The Health Foundation expects this segment to be completed in mid-September. The City is working on an additional 0.8-mile segment from Ysleta High School to Capistrano Park with CDBG funds. The City completed the Independence Drive segment with City/MPO funds.

With Andeavor’s support, planning for final 1.93 miles of the 8.3-mile Playa Drain Trail from Riverside High School to Ysleta High School will begin.

“Andeavor values the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others; we are committed to collaborating with community stakeholders to create cleaner, safer communities where we live and operate,” says VJ Smith, Government and Public Affairs Manager for Andeavor. “We are particularly proud to be involved in the development of the Playa Drain Trail that will provide recreational opportunities for residents of this region. When Andeavor acquired Western Refining and the El Paso refinery in June 2017, we also established our commitment to be a contributing member to the El Paso community.” “We welcome public-private partnerships like these in our community,” says City Council Representative Cassandra Hernandez of Andeavor’s contribution. “Leveraging contributions to improve public spaces is a great example of how the public and private sector can work together.” “The County of El Paso is committed to the vision for a county-wide trail in El Paso,” says County Judge Ruben Vogt. “Developing the Playa Drain Trail is an important part of this larger vision. Recreational trails are important investments in our community and excellent linkages for neighborhoods, schools, employment, transportation and parks – including the County’s own Ascarate Park.” “We are grateful to Andeavor for their leadership and investment in this project,” says Tracy J. Yellen, CEO of the Paso del Norte Foundation and Paso del Norte Health Foundation. “Developing recreational trails is a high priority for our foundations. We are committed to making active living the easy choice for residents of our region.”

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