Providing support and funding opportunities to achieve good health

January 18, 2019

In 2018, the Paso del Norte Health Foundation invested nearly $10 million in grants/contracts designed to promote health and prevent disease in the region. Grants were awarded in the Health Foundation’s five priority areas: Healthy Eating Active Living, Tobacco and Alcohol Prevention, Mental Health and Emotional Well-being and Health Leadership. We are pleased to share the list of active grants for 2018 on our website, click here to view.

The Health Foundation provides opportunities to apply for grant funding in the five priority areas throughout the year. Typically, when a competitive funding opportunity is available, a detailed Letter of Intent (LOI) with related instructions and specific deadlines are posted to our website.

The Health Foundation is planning for two open LOI grant opportunities this Spring:

March 2019: Healthy Kids – IGNITE

April 2019: Mental Health and Emotional Well-Being – Think.Change

If you are not currently on our LOI/RFP notice list and are interested in being notified by email of these or other future funding opportunities, click here.

Potential grantees are welcome and encouraged to meet with the Health Foundation Program Officers before or during the LOI process.

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