Cooking Classes Empowers Tornillo Students and their Families

August 24, 2021

Cooking classes at Tornillo ISD were recently provided to students and their families to learn to make affordable, nutritious, and delicious meals. Common Threads, a national nonprofit organization, offered the classes over the summer with a focus on teaching families how to cook together and incorporate healthy habits at home all while exploring different cultures. Participants of the class prepared a Greek Gyro and spaghetti with tomato and vegetable sauce as they learned about Greek and Italian culture. “I enjoyed the class and am eager to learn new dishes,” said one of the class participants. “The class has inspired me to begin tending to my garden more now that I learned new ways to incorporate fruits, vegetables and herbs into my meals.” The cooking classes are designed to empower families and students to be agents of change in their lives and feel equipped to make healthy lifestyle choices all while sharing laughs, stories and making memories by cooking and eating together. Afterall, as we eat, we are not only nourished by the food itself, but also by the conversation shared over the table with loved ones. With support from the Paso del Norte Health Foundation, Common Threads will offer Family Cooking Classes and Cooking Skills World Cuisine classes to Tornillo ISD students in the fall.

Common Threads is a national nonprofit that provides children and families cooking and nutrition education to encourage healthy habits that contribute to wellness. They serve under-resourced communities with information to make affordable, nutritious, and appealing food choices wherever they live, work, learn, and play.

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