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Healthy Kids

The goal of the Healthy Kids Initiative is to improve a range of health outcomes by engaging disconnected youth in the Paso del Norte region in high quality programs during out of school hours. The Health Foundation refers to “disconnected youth” as people between the ages of 5-17 who are not involved in out-of-school activities or not working. Evidence indicates that youth who are involved in out of school programs are less likely to use drugs, alcohol, or be involved in criminal activity. Well-designed youth activities increase protective factors needed for youth to lead healthy and productive lives. Currently, program partnerships have been established throughout the region and policy efforts are underway.

In 2020, the name of the IGNITE Initiative was changed to the Healthy Kids Initiative in an effort to be clearer and more descriptive with the focus of the Initiative.

Interactive Mapping Tools: illustrate out of school programs through a point in time data set from fall 2016. The U.S. map includes youth population ages 7-18 by census track in the New Mexico and Texas counties of the Paso del Norte Health Foundation’s service region. The Mexico map includes youth population ages 6-17 by census track in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua. Links below:


Mexico Map

Healthy Kids Essence Video: highlights the purpose of the Healthy Kids Initiative and the impact out of school programs can have on health outcomes for youth.

Strategic Plan

Program Lead: Bianca De León

Affiliated Grants

Project ABLE (Art Brokers Learning Experiences)

Unidos Prosperamos

More Teens, More Often

Espacios de vinculación y desarrollo juvenil

Cultura, arte y deporte: Jóvenes en acción

Rodis Junior

Ochéra Entrenando con Valores

Programa de Arte de Verano para Jóvenes en Palomas / Palomas Youth Summer Art Program

Conectando con ValorArte 2019-2020

Femap en Conexión 2019-2020

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Grants awarded to purchase masks for medical providers and to produce masks for homeless shelters

April 6, 2020

The Paso del Norte Health Foundation (Health Foundation) approved a $40,000 grant to the El Paso County Medical Society for the purchase of 24,000 N95 masks for private practice physicians and nonprofit healthcare providers in El Paso County, and has authorized the purchase of…

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