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Healthy Eating

A high-quality diet with appropriate daily caloric intake provides essential nutrients, helps people maintain a healthy weight, and decreases their risk of chronic diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and cancer. Evidence clearly associates healthy eating to better health outcomes; however, many people do not consume the daily recommended levels of nutritious foods, such as fruits and vegetables, that make up a healthy diet. The Health Foundation’s focus in the Healthy Eating initiative is educational programs, such as nutrition and cooking classes, that influence behaviors in selecting, preparing, cooking, and eating heathy foods and policy and promotion activities that encourage healthy eating.

Program Lead: Jana Renner

Affiliated Grants

2020 HEAL: Diabetes Education and Support Program

2020 DIA: Empower Program: Pediatric Prediabetes and Type 2 Diabetes Outpatient Education

2020 DIA: Diabetes Management and Tracking

2020 HEAL: Increasing Access to Healthy Food through the Healthy Food Financing

2020 HEAL: Arbol de Vida's HEAL Program

2020 HEAL: Primary Care Obesity Management: System Integration for La Clinica de Familia

2020 HEAL: Converting El Paso Food Pantries to Client Choice Model (year 1 of 3)

2020 HEAL: Programa de Atención Nutricional Para Niños En Ciudad Juárez

2020 HEAL: Desert Critters Trail

2020 HEAL: CATCH the Eagles, if you can!

2020 HEAL: Girls on the Run El Paso 2020-2021 Programming Initiative

2020 HEAL: Superando el desafío: Regimen plant-based y actividades de movimiento

2020 HEAL: HEAL 6

2020 HEAL: The Learn and Play (LAP) Project

2019 HEAL: "Off to a Good Start: Eating Our Way to a Healthy Life"

2020 HEAL: Southwest Dona Ana Move Trail

2020 HEAL: Sabrosa Vida

2020 HEAL: Movimiento Saludable

2020 HEAL: Edible Education and Community Education- yr 2 of 3

2020 HEAL: Youth on the Move

2020 HEAL: Healthy Cooking and Nutrition Education for Tornillo Youth and Families

2020 HEAL: More Counts/Mas Cuenta

2020 HEAL: FreshStart

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