Awarded Grants

The Paso del Norte Health Foundation works to improve the health of the region, for children and adults. A list of awarded grants, the affiliated organizations and associated initiatives are listed below. Use this resource to learn more about the needs of the community and impact of the Foundation.

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Initiative Organization Project Title Grant Amount
Healthy Kids Boys & Girls Club of Las Cruces More Teens, More Often $94,165.50
Healthy Kids Organizacion Popular Independiente, A.C. Cultura, arte y deporte: Jóvenes en acción $136,850.05
Healthy Kids Patronato del Museo del Nino de Ciudad Juarez, A.C. Rodis Junior $76,606.54
Healthy Kids Alianza para Colaboraciones Fronterizas A.C. Ochéra Entrenando con Valores $59,428.09
Healthy Kids Border Partners Programa de Arte de Verano para Jóvenes en Palomas / Palomas Youth Summer Art Program $12,144.00
Healthy Kids Salud y Desarrollo Comunitario de Cd. Juarez, A.C. Conectando con ValorArte 2019-2020 $48,166.00
Healthy Kids Salud y Desarrollo Comunitario de Cd. Juarez, A.C. Femap en Conexión 2019-2020 $92,823.50
Think.Change Techo Comunitario, A.C. 2019 TCI: Programa de Parentalidad Positiva (Triple P) en Ciudad Juárez. $45,100.00
Healthy Kids Creative Kids, Inc. Project ABLE (Art Brokers Learning Experiences) $61,847.50
Healthy Kids Boy Scouts of America Yucca Council Unidos Prosperamos $124,080.00
Healthy Kids Centro de Asesoria y Promocion Juvenil, A.C. Espacios de vinculación y desarrollo juvenil $168,300.00
HEAL Initiative New Mexico State University Foundation, Inc. 2017 HEAL: NMSU Dietetics Intern Program $96,197.20
A Smoke Free Paso del Norte YMCA of Greater El Paso, TX & Rio Grande Valley 2018 PA 2: Smoke Free & Shift Positive Collaborative $1,387,846.30
El Paso Behavioral Health Consortium Comision de Salud Fronteriza Mexico-Estados Unidos 2019 BHC: Fase 4: Continuidad y difusión del proyecto ROTMENAS para la salud mental. $161,129.22
El Paso Behavioral Health Consortium City of Alamogordo 2019 BHC: Improving systems to improve care: Building a culture of CIT in Alamogordo $211,603.57
El Paso Behavioral Health Consortium Texas Tech Foundation, Inc. 2019 BHC: Special Behavioral Health System Technical and Program Implementation Support $165,000.00
HEAL Initiative Arbol de Vida 2019 HEAL: Arbol de Vida $139,963.63
HEAL Initiative Ciudadanos Comprometidos con la Paz, A.C. 2019 HEAL: Movimiento Saludable (MOVS) $282,342.50
HEAL Initiative Paso del Norte Children's Development Center 2019 HEAL: "Off to a Good Start: Eating Our Way to a Healthy Life" $455,126.92
HEAL Initiative La Semilla Food Center 2019 HEAL: Edible Education and La Cosecha Community Education (Conditional 3 year grant) $338,899.00
Think.Change Emergence Health Network / El Paso MHMR 2019 TCI: Mental Health Learning Library $222,667.81
Think.Change Family Service of El Paso, Inc. 2019 TCI: People Empower El Paso (PEEP) $304,809.88
Mental and Emotional Well-being El Paso Child Guidance Center PA 3: Capacity Support - August 3rd Tragedy $169,000.00
Health Leadership Fundacion Paso del Norte para la Salud y Bienestar, AC 2019 JRZ FPDN: Strengthening and consolidation of Fundacion Paso del Norte para la Salud y Bienestar $508,573.19
Health Leadership Texas Tech Foundation, Inc. 2016 LDR: Establishing the Woody L. Hunt School of Dental Medicine $6,000,000.00
Health Leadership Paso del Norte Community Foundation 2019 LDR: Supporting the 2020 Census $50,000.00