Current Funding Opportunities


November 6, 2020

Apply Online

Key Materials

Support to Applicants and Funded Agencies

Because of the unique nature of this call, the Health Foundation is offering pre-recorded virtual sessions to assist in the LOI and proposal preparation stages. In addition, technical support and other opportunities will be available for funded organizations.

The links to view the pre-recorded virtual sessions, for all interested applicants, can be found below.

Session 1: RFP Overview and a Deep Dive on Recovery

Click here to view Session 1

Session 2: Scenario Planning and Crisis Preparedness

Click here to view Session 2

Session 3: How your Balance Sheet can Survive a Crisis and Organizational Transformation

Click here to view Session 3

Dates for an RFP Workshop and a Recovery, Preparedness, and Transformation Webinar will be included in the invitation letter.

Program Lead Contact

Michael Kelly

Phone: 915-218-2619