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ROTMENAS 2023: Contribuir a la respuesta coordinada frente a las necesidades y retos de la salud mental.

To implement data informed actions and strengthen the ROTMENAS behavioral health system of care collaborative, provide evidence-based training for mental health professionals, and to advocate for policy change related to mental health service systems in Ciudad Juarez, MX.

Grant Information

Grant Amount: $197,559.23

Project Start Date: December 1, 2022

Project End Date: November 30, 2023


Comision de Salud Fronteriza Mexico-Estados Unidos

Contact: Dr. Maria Gudelia Rangel Gomez, Ph.D.

Phone: 526566390863

Program Lead

Sandra Day

Phone: 915-218-2617

PDNHF Initiative: Mental Health & Emotional Well-Being

Develop, lead, and invest in partnerships, organizations, programs, and communications to promote emotional well-being, reduce stigma and negative bias, and improve access, ease of navigation, and continuity of care for mental and behavioral health services.

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Foundation Staff: Sandra Day

Mental Health & Emotional Well-Being

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