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REALIZE Juarez Executive and Board Development

To develop and support leaders by offering the REALIZE Executive experience in Juarez, MX.

Grant Information

Grant Amount: $64,515.00

Project Start Date: June 1, 2022

Project End Date: October 31, 2023


Fundacion Paso del Norte para la Salud y Bienestar, AC

Contact: Ms. Karen Yarza Sieber

Phone: (915) 400-0148

Program Lead

Michael Kelly

Phone: 915-218-2619

PDNHF Initiative: REALIZE Executive

The goal of the REALIZE experience is to inspire already effective leaders to become transformational leaders for the benefit of the region’s health. Customized for the Paso del Norte region and built on nine leadership attributes, REALIZE offers a cohort of twenty executives, the opportunity for individualized leadership growth over fifteen months. With strengthened leadership in place, regional organizations and individuals are better positioned to promote health and prevent disease. Key REALIZE interventions include a customized 360 and other leadership assessments, executive coaching around personalized leadership goals, two transformational off-site experiences, at least six one-day cohort connect learning sessions, networking opportunities, assessments to measure individual growth, and more.

The US REALIZE experience is funded and operated by the Paso del Norte Health Foundation.  To nominate someone for REALIZE Executive in the US, send their name and contact information to

For information on the Cd. Juarez cohort, which is funded by the Health Foundation and operated by the Fundacion Paso del Norte, see REALIZE is dedicated in honor of Robert H. Hoy, Jr. Mr. Hoy was a founding board member of the Paso del Norte Health Foundation and Paso del Norte Foundation. His leadership, support and advocacy of these foundations and his role as a leader and mentor to countless young leaders are among his many wonderful contributions to health and wellbeing in our region. The Health Foundation is pleased to offer REALIZE programs to build health leaders in our region in honor and furtherance of Mr. Hoy’s legacy.

Foundation Staff: Michael Kelly

REALIZE Executive

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