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On the Road to Living Well with Diabetes

To offer the On the Road to Living Well with Diabetes program to 75 people in Southern New Mexico.

Grant Information

Grant Amount: $37,962.52

Project Start Date: September 1, 2021

Project End Date: August 31, 2022


New Mexico State University Foundation, Inc.

Contact: Mr. Derek Dictson

Phone: (575) 646-1613

Program Lead

Michael Kelly

Phone: 915-218-2619

PDNHF Initiative: Diabetes

To develop, lead, and fund organizational and systems improvements, evidence-based programs, and awareness activities for diabetes prevention, early detection and management. This philosophy of work in diabetes provides educators, advocates, and those who are at risk or living with diabetes so that together we can promote change.

Welcome to the table - Diabetes Essence video

Diabetes Literature Review
Diabetes Assessment Report
Diabetes Assessment Qualitative Report

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Foundation Staff: Michael Kelly

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