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Healthy Kids Backbone Organization

To serve as the Backbone Organization (BBO) for the Healthy Kids Priority Area and advance efforts in grantee support and technical assistance, capacity building, public relations, and management and sustainability of the BOOST Network.

Grant Information

Grant Amount: $632,051.00

Project Start Date: February 1, 2020

Project End Date: May 31, 2022


United Way of El Paso County

Contact: Ms. Deborah A. Zuloaga

Phone: (915) 533-2434

Program Lead

Sandra Day

Phone: 915-218-2617

PDNHF Initiative: Healthy Kids

The goal of the Healthy Kids Initiative is to improve a range of health outcomes by engaging disconnected youth in the Paso del Norte region in high quality programs during out-of-school hours. The Health Foundation refers to “disconnected youth” as people between the ages of 5-17 who are not involved in out-of-school activities or not working. Evidence indicates that youth who are involved in out-of-school programs are less likely to use drugs, alcohol, or be involved in criminal activity. Well-designed youth activities increase protective factors needed for youth to lead healthy and productive lives.

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Foundation Staff: Sandra Day

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