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FreshStart at Kelly Center for Hunger Relief

To provide case management and nutrition and physical activity education to a minimum of 330 food insecure adults, moving them towards a more independent and food secure life in El Paso, TX.

Grant Information

Grant Amount: $238,480.00

Project Start Date: July 1, 2022

Project End Date: June 30, 2023


Kelly Center for Hunger Relief

Contact: Mr. Warren E. Goodell

Phone: (915) 261-7499

Program Lead

Jana Renner

Phone: 915-218-2616

PDNHF Initiative: Healthy Eating

A high-quality diet with appropriate daily caloric intake provides essential nutrients, helps people maintain a healthy weight, and decreases their risk of chronic diseases such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and cancer. Evidence associates healthy eating with better health outcomes; however, many people do not consume the daily recommended levels of nutritious foods, such as fruits and vegetables, that make up a healthy diet. The Health Foundation’s focus in the Healthy Eating initiative is educational programs, such as nutrition and cooking classes, that influence behavior in selecting, preparing, cooking, and eating healthy foods and policy and promotion activities that encourage healthy eating.

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Foundation Staff: Jana Renner

Healthy Eating

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