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The major goal of the Think.Change initiative is to reduce stigma associated with mental illness. Through this initiative, the Health Foundation will use a Collective Impact framework and research-informed constructs to reduce stigma. As an emerging initiative, community partners (i.e. Brain Trust, El Paso Community Behavioral Health Consortium and other regional partner groups). will work together to identify appropriate indicators to measure change toward the initiative’s goals and objectives.

Strategic Plan 2014-17

Program Lead: Enrique Mata

Affiliated Grants

2016 TCI: Nuestras Emociones - Our Emotional Health and Well-Being

2016 TCI: Assessing and Addressing Public Stigma in Child and Adolescent Serving Agencies: An education based intervention aimed at reducing the stigma and negative bias of mental illness among professionals.

2016 TCI: Programa de Parentalidad Positiva Triple P: Cambiar el estigma a pedir ayuda en la crianza de los hijos y continuar con la construcción de comunidades saludables.

2016 TCI: NAMI El Paso, People Empower El Paso

2016 TCI: De Mujer A Mujer

2016 TCI: Project Emerge

2015 TCI: Assessing and Addressing Public Stigma in Agencies Serving Children and Adolescents Exposed to Trauma

2015 TCI: People Empower El Paso (PEEP)

2015 TCI: De Mujer a Mujer

2015 TCI: Nuestras Emociones- Our Emotional Health and Well-being

2015 TCI: Programa de Parentalidad Positiva Triple P: Cambiando el estigma para normalizar el proceso de buscar ayuda en la crianza de los hijos y construir comunidades saludables

2014 TCI: Mental Health Stigma Awareness Campaign

2014 TCI: Think.Change @YWCA

2013 SRI: Wildcat Awareness Project

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2013 MISRI Situational Analysis Executive Summary
2013 MISRI Situational Analysis Full Report

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Scouting engages youth in the community

February 24, 2017

Unlike other days, Mario can’t wait to get home to show his mother the flyer he received at school about joining Boy Scouts. He and several classmates received the same flyer and hope they can be part of this afterschool activity. Mario and his friends are among the youth in the region who are disconnected or not in…

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6th Annual Cultural Competence Conference

Friday, February 24, 2017

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