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The goal of the IGNITE Initiative is to improve a range of health outcomes by engaging disconnected youth in the Paso del Norte region in high quality programs during out of school hours. The Foundation refers to “disconnected youth” as people between the ages of 7-18 who are not involved in out of school activities or participating in the labor market. Evidence indicates that youth who are involved in out of school programs are less likely to use drugs, alcohol, or be involved in criminal activity. Well-designed youth activities increase protective factors needed for youth be lead healthy and productive lives. Currently, program partnerships have been established throughout the region and policy efforts are underway.

Strategic Plan 2015

Program Lead: Bianca De León

Affiliated Grants

2016 IGNITE: Evaluation of the Paso Del Norte Health Foundation's Ignite Initiative

2016 IGNITE: Espacios de Participación y Desarrollo Juvenil

2016 IGNITE: GSDSW Ignite Program Sustainability

2016 IGNITE: Cultura y deporte: Jóvenes en acción


2016 IGNITE: Unidos Prosperamos

2016 IGNITE: FEMAP en Conexion, Desarrollando las Capacidades

2016 IGNITE: Project ABLE (Art Brokers Learning Experiences)

2015 IGNITE: Troop Pathway Specialist

2015 IGNITE: Connection Matters: A Study of School Districts' Self-Interest and Policies

2015 IGNITE: Policies Affecting Youth Impact in Dona Ana County

2015 IGNITE: Construyendo entornos positivos mediante la participacion juvenil y la articulacion de escuelas y comunidades

2014 IGNITE: IGNITE Initiative - Organizing Agency

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Scouting engages youth in the community

February 24, 2017

Unlike other days, Mario can’t wait to get home to show his mother the flyer he received at school about joining Boy Scouts. He and several classmates received the same flyer and hope they can be part of this afterschool activity. Mario and his friends are among the youth in the region who are disconnected or not in…

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6th Annual Cultural Competence Conference

Friday, February 24, 2017

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