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Healthy Eating and Active Living

The goals of the Healthy Eating and Active Living (HEAL) initiative are to 1) increase fruit & vegetable consumption and improve portion control; 2) increase physical activity and decrease sedentary behavior; 3) create an environment that promotes healthy eating and active living without bias against obesity; and 4) achieve long-term sustainability of Paso del Norte Institute for Healthy Living (IHL) and HEAL initiative.

To achieve significant success in increasing healthy eating and active living on a large scale across the Paso del Norte region, the model of Collective Impact is employed with the IHL as a backbone organization. The IHL is a collaboration between Texas Tech Paul L. Foster School of Medicine, The University of Texas at El Paso, the UT School of Public Health, and the Paso del Norte Health Foundation.

Nutrition and physical activity have well documented effects on health. Regardless of weight, a high quality diet can combat many chronic diseases. Active living involves two important and distinct components: being physically active and minimizing sedentary time. The HEAL initiative places emphasis on program and policy interventions that positively impact large numbers of residents, are sustainable, can potentially be scaled, and have measurable results.

Strategic Plan

Program Lead: Michael Kelly

Affiliated Grants

2016 HEAL: Formando Adolescentes, jovenes, familias, y comunidades saludables

2016 HEAL: Edible Education

2016 HEAL: Nutrete, Activate, Aprende y Crece

2016 HEAL: Early Child Nutrition Education Program (ECNEP)

2016 HEAL: Movimiento Saludable (MOVS)

2016 HEAL: Las Cruces Public Schools Healthy and Fit Project

2016 HEAL: General Support Grant in Support of Children's Health Policy and Advocacy Program

2016 HEAL: Aggie Play

2016 HEAL: Full CATCH

2016 HEAL: Healthy Eating and Active Living in the Border Region of Luna County, New Mexico and Palomas, Chihuahua


2015 HEAL: Nuestra Vida

2015 HEAL: Eat Well El Paso

2015 HEAL: FreshPlace @ Kelly

2015 HEAL: MoreCounts/MasCuenta

2015 HEAL: Replication of Centro San Vicente's (CSV) Model Development and System Changes for HEAL in a Clinic Setting program

2014 HEAL: Creating a Culture of Healthy Eating and Active Living in the Paso del Norte Region

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